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Quality-Driven managed CLEANING in Singapore

We work with luxury hotels, world class restaurants and member’s clubs across Singapore and mirror their top notch service levels in our own operations: from front line services to the support network we provide our client partners and teams.  


E-Clean take cares of the hiring process of the cleaners, down to the remuneration and benefits. This will not be reflected as a headcount under the customer’s organization. Keeping the Human Resources free from headache on hiring, arranging benefits and even too documentation if it is a foreigner.


Professional cleaning companies do have a collaboration with a select groups of supplies at a lower cost. Customers no longer need to bear these unnecessities. Therefore, cost-saving is transferred back to the customers.


We are team of previous 4 and 5 star stewarding team member that always arguing to be better, lead by 15 years experience staff, pass it to expert.Our business stand on our satisfied customer

Safety Risk

Professional cleaning companies do have their cleaners covered with safety training on minimising work injuries and a proper procedure on handling chemical,Our Management are Attain a risk management course verified by MOM

Tailor-made solutions

All workplaces are unique and procedures in keeping them clean are different from place to place. This is where experience is needed most and professional cleaning companies can offer advises and steps in keeping your workplace clean


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